Earth Day Update

While not a lot has changed since December, I think Earth Day calls for a quick update! I’ve learned some lessons and have started toward my goal of being as self-sustaining as I can while not living on land I own.


  • Still at roughly one trash bag per week, largely due to pets.Light Box
  • Compost pile is more or less usable and we’re continuing to add to it.
  • While we still make the majority of our cleaning products, we have stopped making¬†dish soap. Getting dishes clean with all of the recipes I’ve tried is not easy and uses a lot of resources. We’re now buying bulk natural-ish dish soap to reduce plastic waste that way.¬†If you have a dish soap recipe you love, link it to me in the comments!
  • We purchased a new kind of flour in bulk, Peasand while I’m continuing to make bread
    every couple of weeks, I’ve having trouble working with the new flour. The bread continues to come out too dense. Still good for breakfast toast, but not the best for sandwiches.
  • I’m keeping up with my No Poo hair routine, but continue to dye it funky colors. That said, I am growing my natural hair color back out, so funky colors and dyes may not be in my future.
  • The indoor garden has received a big upgrade this week! We’re well on our way to growing the majority of our spices, as well as a lot of peppers.
  • Spring has brought a chance for an outdoor garden! Peas, spinach, broccoli, and tomatillos, incoming!20170219_173250
  • I’ve been making more staples, including non-dairy milk, crackers, and almost all of my sauces and dressings.
  • We’re still working on can waste, but since learning how to roast my own garlic and peppers, as well as how to replicate all canned tomatoes (except for tomato paste), we’ve definitely cut down.

Current Goals

  • Make my own clothes.20170316_141413
    • We’ve found sellers near by who grow and weave their own cloth. We’re planning to buy some linen to make our summer clothes instead of buying them this year. I’m super excited to dye the cloth!
    • I’ve also found shops/small businesses online that make clothing items with bamboo, like bras. I’m pivoting to using these sellers for items I’m not sure I can make. They do cost more up front, but the items are higher quality and will likely last longer than similar fast-fashion pieces.
  • Indoor composting
    • We’re going to buy so many worms, guys.
  • Try ways to preserve veggies from the Farmer’s Market, which starts next month. I’d love to see how far I can get into the winter with my food stores.

Making my own clothes is the huge goal for me this year. I’ve never followed a pattern, and I’m really excited to start. Hoping to get a jump on this goal this week. Happy Earth Day, y’all!


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