A Movement, A Weekend

On January 21, I joined with 250,000 others in Chicago to march for women’s rights. I have a lot of thoughts and feeling about the day that I haven’t quite unpacked, but it was heartening to see advocates for equality, access, and basic human rights in every direction.


Before the march and in the short time since, the state of the world seems bleak. From misguided notions that radical isolationism will solve all economic woes to the co-opting of subjectivity by the Alt Right, everything seems wild, unpredictable, and illogical.

But during the march, there was so much hope. I’m trying to hold fast to the hopefulness.

Not pictured, unfortunately, is my favorite sign. It was written in black marker on plain cardboard and was carried by a very tiny human. It read, in squiggly I-just-learned-how-to-write handwriting “Donald Trump makes me scared.”

Seemed to sum up a lot of anxieties quite nicely.

While the march was certainly the highlight of the weekend, staying in Pilsen was apilsen-wall similarly wonderful experience. I was certainly a tourist in the historic neighborhood, surrounded by Mexican culture and heritage. But it was a easy, charming neighborhood to wander for the weekend.

I spent inauguration day in the National Museum of Mexican Art, realizing how shamefully little I know about Mexican history. There is a lot of knowledge and power in that building.

The whole neighborhood is covered in art. Even the long abandoned phone booths and peeling paint feel like art there. I know I’m a tourist, but it was easy to feel at home there.

phoneAfter everything, there’s the always burning question: What next? Frankly, no one knows. And anyone who says different is lying. But hopefully we can continue the momentum of the march, the spirit of resistance, and not rest on a job well done.

The Women’s March is now running a 10 days of action for the first 100 days campaign. Starting simply, the first action is to write to your senator. I appreciate the drive to get people involved in government now.

We did a very challenging thing. We came together forcefully all around the world. So writing a quick letter should be a breeze.



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