It’s been a wild month. Just after getting settled in and de-grossing the apartment, it was time to rent a car and drive 800 miles to Virginia. But after the drive from New Mexico to Illinois, what’s a few hundred miles? It was a busy few days complete with:

  • 2 trips to Columbus to see my mom and my sister’s family
  • 1 stop in Virginia to attend my cousin’s (totally awesome) wedding
  • 4 days in Baltimore spent with some of my favorite humans (just in time for my birthday)
  • 1 pit stop in a favorite village
  • 1 rushed return trip to Illinois to attend another awesome wedding

img_20160917_144440328The first order of business was…the drive! The drive on which I realized I didn’t have a memory card in my camera. Incoming potato pictures!

Several episodes of Harmontown, Radiolab, This American Life, and the Mythology Podcast, plus a fair few runs through some choice albums passed. At that point, the drive felt roughly like this face:

But once we got to Virginia, everything was fantastic. The wedding (congratulations, Mike and Alex!) was at a botanical garden. Great food, lovely plants, and the best family you could as for.

Then, on to Baltimore! While there were aspects of being back in Baltimore that reaffirmed why I left, bumming around the city felt in a lot of ways like coming home. It was amazing to be in a city again, and more amazing to see friends. Plus sushi. You guys. Sushi on the east coast.

Lunch dates and late night ice cream and nature walks with dogs. I’m not sure there’s much more to say.

One final destination on the trip before arriving back in Illinois: Yellow Springs, Ohio. I went to college here for a year, and it remains an enchanting place. The college closed in 2008, and is now open again. Walking the campus, we found some wonderful reforestation efforts, graffiti, and memories.

And then the final leg of vacation: one more wedding (congratulations, Tim and Caitlyn!). A park, a beautiful day, and a great party.


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