Wedding Present And Nerdery

Only a few weeks until my dear friends Tim and Caitlyn get hitched. Since they’re a couple of nerds, a Legend of Zelda themed cross stitch seemed like a fun wedding gift. Seriously…when they first got engaged, Tim spent an uncalled for amount of time trying to convince Caitlyn to wear a replica Zelda dress for the ceremony.

You know what makes for some very easy cross stitching? Perler patterns! I found the patterns that I used for Link and Zelda on Pinterest by a user named LadyRavicorn. For the text pattern, I was back at it with Dublin from I tried experimenting with other text, but the lettering was always too large for my liking.

Happy wedding and life and stuff, Tim and Caitlyn! It can be dangerous to go alone, so I’m glad you have each other.

Tim and Caitlyn



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