Moving to Illinois

Goodbye to Santa Fe. Hello to Illinois.

8-15-16 Moving to Illinois

Two humans, one cat, six rats. Pack them into a van for nearly two days, and you end up in Illinois. Via Colorado Springs, Kansas, Missouri (aptly named).

We encountered a time sink in Kansas. The mileage just didn’t add up. It has almost taken Indiana’s place in my heart as The Worst State In The Union. This photo is entitled: Why Does Anyone Live In Kansas?

Why Does Anyone Live In Kansas

It’s sad to leave New Mexico, but there are things I missed about the Midwest. Cicadas. Family. Biking at sea level. I’ve yet to see a sky as blue, but the color green has re-entered my life. As have very odd depictions of Abraham Lincoln and cows sculpted out of butter.

I have a few more New Mexico trips and photos I’ll post soon. For now, if you know of anywhere stunning within 6 hours of Central Illinois, let me know!



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