Gilman Tunnels and Jemez Springs

North on Highway 4. West on New Mexico 485. Follow the Guadalupe river, and there we find the Gilman Tunnels. Created in 1920, the tunnels feel spacious on an otherwise narrow road.

We aimed to reach Fenton Lake, however without a proper map we didn’t quite make it. But the drive was fantastic regardless of the missed destination. Beyond the Gilman Tunnels we continued to ascend into more lush, forested areas. Towering trees felt like the Midwest again, while alien rocks reminded me we were still in New Mexico.

We missed the lake, but looped around and hit Highway 4 to continue south to Santa Fe. We happened upon Jemez Springs, a cute town with seemingly more cafes and dives than residential homes. And, of course, hot springs.

We stopped at the Giggling Springs; a strange clash between Nordic carvings, Grecian statues, and New Mexican buildings with four pools and a drying river.


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