DIY: Snuffles Is My Slave Name Cross Stitch

Ta-da! My first cross stitch is complete!


We introduce our roommates to Rick and Morty recently, and the episode Lawnmower Dog quickly became a household favorite (our Geeks Who Drink team name has been Snuffles Is Our Slave Name ever since). My roommate, Isabel, requested a Snuffles portrait for her house, and cross stitch seemed like it could be the perfect way to deliver it. After all, cross stitching is like homey pixel art, right?

First step: Find the image. Fortunately, this shot of Snuffles is pretty readily available. After removing the background, I fed the image into a free cross stitch pattern maker called Pic 2 Pat. After messing with the settings for a while, I ended up with a pretty decent pattern (though I did edit colors further in MS Paint).


Otherwise, for a basic pattern like this one (only a handful of colors, no background), the rest is pretty simple. This WikiHow does a solid job of explaining how to get started. For the text, I used this free resource from stitchpoint and selected Dublin.


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